We Care About Your Privacy

Please read the following to learn more about our position concerning your personal information and the measures we take to protect it. This privacy notice applies to information collected by our website. We may need to change this policy from time to time in order to address new issues and reflect changes.

Bluebac respects privacy and any personal data within our organisation will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Data Policy complying with GDPR.

Personal Data And Security

The information you provide, that may include personal data such as names, address, phone number and email address, is used strictly for internal purposes. The choice of how much of your personal information is disclosed to Bluebac is left up to you. Personal data is used to process your application for internet services or other requests of information and to contact you.

To protect and safeguard personal data provided to us, we have implemented and use appropriate business systems and procedures. We made sufficient technical and organisational provisions to secure personal data against inappropriate use and data leaks. The personal data you provide on this website can only be processed by authorised employees of Bluebac who need to have access to this data to be able to fulfil their given duties.

Third Parties

We value your privacy and understand that you don’t want your details sold to third parties. Bluebac will not provide, sell, trade or rent in any form your information to a third party. We will only provide customer’s or suppliers information to a third party when necessary for the provision of the agreed service. Bluebac only uses external processors providing sufficient guarantees in such a manner that it will meet the requirements of GDPR and ensure the protection of rights of the data subject to agreeing on a processing agreement.

Data Security Policy

Bluebac ensures confidentiality of all our clients’ data and keeps it safe from unauthorised access. It is a part of our company policy to preserve the information securely and protect it from getting accessed by unauthorised entities. It is strictly monitored and the information is not shared with anyone without the consent from our clients.


By submitting your privacy data on our website, or sending us email requests with privacy data, you consent to the appropriate collection and use of this information. Should we decide to change our privacy policy in any way, we will post such changes to this page so that you are aware of the information we collect, our use of it, and the circumstances under which we would disclose it.

Control Over Your Data

Each data subject has the right to review the personal data stored with us. You can request your personal data by emailing us at;


If your personal data is incorrect, we will change it upon your request. You can also ask Bluebac to remove your personal data from its systems by sending us an email to the aforementioned email address above.


Bluebac T/A: Bluebac Consulting Ltd is the responsible party for processing of personal data. Bluebac Consulting Ltd is a private limited company, incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom and has its offices in London, the United Kingdom.

If you have any suggestions or remarks about this privacy statement, please send an email to;


Changes To This Privacy Notice

We may change this Privacy Notice from time to time. This may be necessary, for example, if the law changes or if we change our business in a way that affects personal data protection.

Any changes will be made available on our website as soon as the policy is updated.